Here is a quick run-down of our most frequently asked questions regarding the contest. We hope these will help the participants to have a great experience! If you have a particular question you don’t see answered, please email it to secureitcup@kaspersky.com

The Kaspersky Lab SECUR’IT CUP’19 is recruiting for talented and motivated students and teams to create an idea that will help us in our mission to save the world from cyber threats.

Whatever your background, as long as you have a passion for cybersecurity you can enter the contest for a chance to win a $10,000 grant.

Contest covers the following technological areas: Machine learning in CS, automotive security, financial security.

You should register at the Cup website, proceed with filling your account at Cybermates portal and submit your project description not later than October 25, 2019, 23:59:59 London time (UTC 0).

Yes, you definitely can participate alone! If you do not want to participate individually, you may build up a team on your own.

Yes, we do not accept applications from participants under 18 years, and from participants aged 27 and more. So, if you’re 26 now, you’re still valid to participate.

The team may consist of one, two or three members. There are no exclusions regarding the team size.

No, one individual may only be a part of one team. If you are a part of a team, you may not submit individual entries.

Yes, you can. There are no restrictions for participants of Kaspersky Lab student contests of previous years

The competition dates are:

Stage 1. Primary registration. Register at the website and select the application area of your idea. — from July 8, 2019, 12:00:01 PM London time to October 25, 2019, 23:59:59 London time

Stage 2. Submit detailed idea description and project prototype. Add team members, if you have ones. The expert jury will consider all submitted projects and will select the best ones for the finals. — from July 8, 2019, 12:00:01 PM London time (the «Third Stage Opening Date») to October, 25, 2019, 23:59:59 London time

Stage 3. Final (Offline event). Take part in the final offline event (pitch to an expert board) during Kaspersky Partner Summit in Lisbon! — December, 4-5, 2019

No, the competition is free for all participants.

The main requirements for project description are:

  1. match between the idea and the chosen track
  2. technical feasibility of the project
  3. possibility to make a proof-of-concept within 2 months

No, you have to choose a track you prefer the most and develop your idea for one track only.

If you are not sure where your idea belongs — please contact our team at secureitcup@kaspersky.com secureitcup@kaspersky.com — we will be happy to help you define the track.

No, there are no country restrictions in Secur’IT Cup. Students may participate internationally.

The competition is open to all residents worldwide aged 18-26 years, except:

  • employees of the Kaspersky or its affiliated companies;
  • employees of agents or suppliers of the Kaspersky or its affiliated companies, who are professionally connected with the competition or its administration; or
  • members of the immediate families or households of (a) and (b) above;
  • to anyone who has no bank account in his/her own name.

Your entry will be eligible for the cup as soon as all team members are aged 18 — 26 years.

The jury will evaluate the submissions according to the following criteria:

Idea evaluation:

  • Accordance with the track;
  • Scalability of the application/approach;
  • Vision of ways of system development;
  • No theoretical limits on performance and scalability;
  • Original approach.

Implementation evaluation:

  • Prototype developed;
  • Readiness to deploy/evaluate;
  • Performance level;
  • System architecture;
  • Functionality demonstrated.

Finalists will be notified on or about November 1, 2019, at 12:00:01 PM London time via the Competition Site. Finalists will also be notified by email using the email address provided with the competition entry.

Kaspersky will provide to all selected finalists a round-trip airfare (coach or available equivalent) from the major airport closest to the individual’s residence to Lisbon, Portugal and double-occupancy hotel accommodation for three nights in a 4-stars hotel (Lux Lisboa Park Hotel). Airfare and hotel are not redeemable for cash. During the event finalists will also be provided with breakfasts, lunches and coffee-breaks.

Each finalist is responsible for any other expenses including cost to obtain a passport or visa and any other incidental travel cost (including but not limited to, ground transportation, passenger tariffs or duties, surcharges, airport fees, service charges or facility charges, personal charges at lodging, security fees, taxes or other expenses).

The winners will be announced during the during Kaspersky Partner Summit in Lisbon on December, 4-5, 2019.

Congratulations! Make sure, organizers of the competition have all the necessary information to award you with the prize! Please note that no prizes except the first prize are redeemable for cash.