Our world is rapidly changing, technologies develop exponentially and sometimes it’s difficult to keep pace with them.

Today people have a lot of gadgets and digital opportunities, thanks to which their lives become easier, more interesting and fun. But we should not forget that with increasing amount of technology, amount of data and ways of their usage, the number of security breaches is growing. We picked up three technological spheres, which are rapidly growing right now, and where security is a big issue.

We’re sure that not only big companies but also young individuals may deal with these security challenges! Use your cyber power for the sake of security!


Financial security

Financial markets have always been attractive to cybercriminals. During the past years, the financial cyberthreats landscape has grown wider, with new attack vectors and extended geography.

Among the reasons for this growth, we should mention significant interest to blockchain and cryptocurrency, emerging new means of payment (and of course, new attack surfaces).

These threats target end-users of online banking services, electronic money, etc., as well as financial organizations and their infrastructure. Both users of PC and mobile devices are exposed to malware and phishing attacks. We encourage you to develop effective measures to improve the financial safety of both end-users and financial organizations.

Automotive security

Today cars are not just electro-mechanical vehicles. Car manufacturers incorporate a lot of intelligent technologies to make them safer, smarter, more efficient and comfortable.

Automotive security has retained its importance through the past years, and as different independent researches have revealed multiple security issues in the market. Ever-expanding connectivity makes the vehicles not only smarter but also — more vulnerable.

There’s also a huge and growing market of devices for the improvement of driving experience, from car scanners to various tuning gadgets. These also might expose your vehicle to additional vulnerabilities. Another vulnerability issue to mention is car-sharing apps and mechanisms and other car-connected applications.

The aim of security engineers today is to help car owners and users to keep it safe on the road.

Machine learning in cybersecurity

Lately, machine learning (ML) algorithms became vastly applicable in cybersecurity. Not only the companies, who develop protective solutions use these algorithms, but also cybercriminals use it to improve their attacks (for example, to improve phishing’s effectiveness).

Today machine-learning methods already help to meet real-world security requirements, such as achieving low false-positive rate.

But there’s still plenty of other implications not quite developed yet, like applied ML in the automation of vulnerability identification and any other applications you may imagine.

We encourage you to develop ML algorithms as instruments for cybersecurity improvement!